About us

About us


Vastenactie invites people to live more frugally during the season of Lent. The campaign provides concrete, modern-day examples of ways to simplify life and offers people the possibility to share their approach to Lent. In keeping with the spirit of the campaign, Vastenactie encourages people in the Netherlands to show solidarity with others, wherever in the world they may be. A life of moderation - for you and for others!

Stichting BVA

Vastenactie is a campaign initiated by the Stichting BVA. Apart from Vastenactie, the Stichting BVA conducts a number of other campaigns: Adventsactie, Noodactie and Scholenactie. Adventsactie is a campaign launched in the weeks prior to Christmas (advent period) and is intended to support five projects annually with a focus on mothers & children.


Noodactie is the emergency relief campaign initiated by Stichting BVA and, for the Scholenactie, elementary school children raise money during the fasting and advent period for projects abroad or attend special classes developed specifically for this time of year. The teaching materials for schools can be found on the Vastenactie and Adventsactie websites.