International Partners

We are committed to supporting small-scale socioeconomic projects. Project applications must be submitted by the project holder in the project country. We do not operate via Dutch foundations and/or organisations.

Please download our guidelines and follow them closely.

Por favor bajar las orientaciones y leeer las atentamente.

Veuillez télécharger nos lignes directices et suivez-les attentivement.

Guidelines     Orientaciones      Lignes directrices

Application form

You can download the application form for international projects.

Aqui puede bajar el formato para su aplicación.

Veuillez télécharger le protocole pour la proposition des projets internationaux.

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Procedure for international projects

The Vastenactie Project Committee reviews international project applications three times a year. 

More information needed?

Please send an e-mail to or contact Vastenactie by phone on +31 70 7796008.